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Instant Account Verification from Yodlee®

Yodlee AccountVerification uniquely enables both instant account verification and challenge deposit verification capabilities, providing a way for companies to bring consumers onboard quickly and efficiently. In fact, consumers choose to instantly verify their accounts 70% of the time, when instant account verification is offered.

With broad coverage, an intuitive user interface, and patented technology, Yodlee AccountVerification is a proven solution that has helped millions of consumers verify accounts instantly. While most accounts can be verified “instantly” , in a real-time session, the solution can also verify accounts via challenge or micro-deposits, and will default to this method if instant account verification cannot take place. Other features include:

  • Coverage-- instant account verification coverage at over 600 financial institutions
  • Auto-matching – instant account verification auto matches account type, name and number to prevent against fraud
  • Balance Confirmation – balances are verified online prior to processing with instant account verification or challenge deposits, further reducing risk